incredibly skilled surgeon

Dr. Handal is an incredibly skilled surgeon. He was able to redo a breast augmentation that was poorly done. The results could not have pleased me more. I feel fortunate to have found this wonderful Doctor. His staff is also of the highest caliber. In addition to his skilled all had a tremendous degree of empathy and understanding.

absolutely the best

Dr. Handal has performed 3 procedures on me. Two of those were major reconstructive surgeries after having 4 children and a significant weight loss of 100 pounds. These were very well thought out decisions and Dr. Handal was very compassionate during each and every step of the process. He took a great deal of time assessing my concerns and I felt extremely comfortable with his opinions and that he could meet my expectations....from initial consultations through follow up visits. He is not "scalpel" happy like others in his field. If he feels if it's not broke, don't fix it. He is meticulous and a true artist! The staff is amazing and caring. Do your research when looking for a plastic surgeon, especially in south Florida. I cannot verbalize how thrilled I am with this doctor!

worthy of world wide recognition

I had a full facelift with Dr.Handal, his work gave me "WOW" factor, I can walk anywhere with confidence & joy & get many compliments, there are no words for how grateful I am, there is simply no one else like him, he 's truly a unique, highly gifted Artistic & Facial Architectural Genius worthy of World Wide Recognition, thank you so much with all my heart!!! You will love his Dream Team Staff.

passionate and caring person

Dr. Handal is a passionate and caring person who really wants his patients to be 100% satisfied. His staff and facility are top line and I felt so cared for by everyone. My options and goals were throughly discussed several times beforehand. The aftercare is exceptional. Dr. Handal called me personally over the weekend to see how I was feeling. Appointments are easy to get and the compassionate care and expertise are exceptional. My results are soft and extremely natural.

best doctor

I would highly recommend Dr. Handal. Aside from the great facility and terrific staff, Dr. Handal is a perfectionist and an artist...he sees the outcome before he begins. He explains absolutely everything and his staff follows up to be sure there is great communication with each patient. I was thrilled with the results I achieved with Dr. Handal.

golden hands

I had a facelift 2 years ago and remain elated about my results. From the start the care by Dr. Handal and his staff was second to none. Following my surgery, the nurse spoke to me each day along with my periodic checkups by Dr. Handal himself. I now look like I did 20 years ago and people meeting me for the first time have no idea I have had ANY cosmetic surgery done! My face is extremely natural looking and I feel so much better about myself. My care was so good that I am now planning my Tummy Tuck. I will only go to Dr. Handal for future surgeries!

great doctor, knowledgeable, professional, good listener and trustworthy

I am 72 years old, masters degree/research is my speciality. Dr.Handal has made me look 15 years younger without surgery. He is a professional with humane qualities. Great communication even after treatments.

these guys rock

These guys rock - not only amazing results from my face lift, eyelids and laser surgery (friends tell me that I look 20 years younger), but Dr. Handal's expertise, demeanor and overall sense of caring far surpass any other surgeon that I met. The nursing staff not only called my husband every hour with updates during my surgery, but I received phone calls daily and nightly for two weeks afterwards. I cannot imagine going to another surgeon - again - THESE GUYS ROCK

doesn’t need to advertise because he’s the best

Highly recommended for facelift and liposuction procedures.

dr. handal is the magic man– best in the business

I had a full face and brow lift with Dr. Handal as well as laser. Dr. Handal is simply the best. I am a compulsive researcher and investigated many plastic surgeons before selecting him. People I know with limitless resources told me how great he is, one said he had corrected a previous botched surgery done by another doctor and I could see that Dr. Handal had fixed everything beautifully. Still, I was nervous about the surgery because Ive seen so many less-than-perfect results from other surgeons. I had the surgery 5 years ago, and my results were far better than I ever could have imagined! Afterwards, doctors I visited for other issues would stop, look up, recheck the record they were looking at, ask me my birth date, and then invariably act shocked that I'm in my sixties. Literally, every single one (and there have been 20-30 doctors and nurses over the years) said that I look like I'm in my forties. Many ask for his contact information. Now, 5 years later, people are still commenting about how young I look. If you want incredibly natural results (not that wind-blown look), you will be THRILLED with Dr. Handal. Ive sent both friends and family to him, and they all thank me profusely as if I somehow did the work. Dr. Handal is a genius with his hands and seems to have an innate ability to visualize the perfect adjustment without going too far. No reservations. He's the magic man!

incredible staff

Enclosed is the survey, however the contents pales in comparison to the comments I would like to state regarding my care during the pre and post operative periods from, Jayme, Christina, John, Joanna, Nicole, Valerie, Jim and last but hardly least, Dr. Handal. Though this past surgery was not my first, I am continuously amazed at the quality of care, amount of concern and above all unending patience extended to me by everyone as I whine about getting an appointment that coordinates with my schedule, the endless questions about each and every mark on my skin and just every minor concern in general. Nobody ever makes me feel that my concerns and questions are anything but important. Valeries pre-operative meeting was informative, relaxing and I left the office with a total lack of concerns and questions. She covered everything and made sure that I knew I could call her at any time with questions no matter how insignificant. As for post-operative care, I told Joanna at one point that she did not have to call me again because I was fine. She did not listen and continued to monitor me and I view this as above and beyond her job as she speaks with such concern and knowledge. Her calm demeanor, knowledge and compassion are the best healers. Jayme, Cristina and Nicole respond with the same compassion, concern and above all no question is too small for them as they go above and beyond to accommodate me with an answer immediately even when I tell them it can wait. Jayme your sweet voice never waivers no matter how many calls you receive. Johns smile and incredible hello, so good to see you is intoxicating and I believe that he actually missed me!! He is another member of the support group who goes above and beyond the norm contributing to my peace of mind and feeling that my care is of utmost importance. And Jim I am always amazed when I wake up feeling like I had nothing more than a good catnap. I dont know what you do but I wish you could put me to sleep every night. It is no wonder that surgeries dont take place without you. As they say, save the best for last, and that is you Dr. Handal. You have golden hands and a big heart to go with them as you extend constant compassion and display endless patience. It does not go unnoticed that you listen to your patients and manage to perform miracles even when they request you work within a budget. I know how much you did for me and it is more than appreciated. So ends my survey, but what I hope will never be an end to my relationship with the Handal Sanctuary Surgical Centre.

"the answer to my prayers

Dr. Handal did the most fabulous job on my breasts and tummy tuck after my two kids. I can now wear a g-string bikini without feeling self-conscious. He also did my mom's facelift. She now looks like my sister!

trustworthy doctor

Had a breast lift by Dr. Handal and he is amazing. I felt so comfortable and the people in his office are amazing at following up and making sure that you are doing well after the surgery. He listens to your needs and spends a good amount of time with you understanding what you want. I would recommend him to anyone looking for plastic surgery.

wonderful doctor

He is a wonderful doctor. I had lots of consultations before deciding on him. He spends lot of time with you to make sure he really understands what you want. He treats his surgeries like a work of art. I'm so holy I chose him!

"I actually feel BEAUTIFUL again,"
My testimonial On June 1 ,2023, I had a consultation wit Dr Handal. He made me feel completely at ease to be in his care for any cosmetic surgery I would ever consider. His knowledge and expertise is SUPERIOR. I scheduled my surgery.on June 22, 2023, I had my surgery,, a deep plane face lift, neck lift along with a brow-lift, and lower eyelid surgery. I stayed the night in his modern surgical center. Being taken care of his nurse Gina who was very comforting. Well the results are truly LOVELY!!!!!. I actually feel BEAUTIFUL again, and that is a wonderful feeling. I cannot express how grateful and BLESSED I am to have found Dr Handal. A Thank you to Stacie , his surgical coordinator, nurses, and staff. look as young as I feel. My outlook on life is so enhanced. He really is a MASTER OF HIS POFFESION.

My experience with Dr. Handal and his entire office has been fantastic! I so much appreciate Maura and Giana at the front office, Stacy (the surgical coordinator), Conchita (the medical and surgical assistant), Aliana (the director of nursing), and finally Dr. BRILIANT Arthur Handel (who is truly an ARTIST). They are not only competent but quite lovely in their conduct.