Radiesse Facial Fillers

Radiesse is an injectable filler that is specially designed to help stimulate the natural collagen in your body and reduce the appearance of wrinkles or folds in the skin. This product is used primarily for facial applications but has some great benefits. If you are considering dermal filling, contact our offices today.

Handal Plastic Surgery is well equipped to fit your needs and offers Radiesse facial fillers as a keystone product to help reduce the visible signs of aging.


Understanding Radiesse

Radiesse uses sterile single application syringes to inject a dermal filler into the targeted areas. This filler helps to rejuvenate the naturally occurring collagen and increase its production when applied. Results of the injections are visible immediately and can last up to two years. The ingredients used in Radiesse don’t aggravate the natural tissues in your body; they are non-allergenic and non-toxic.

Typically, Radiesse patients are between 35 and 60 years old and have developed wrinkles or folds in the skin around the mouth and/or nose. Additionally, patients who have lost fatty facial deposits due to HIV infection are also great candidates for Radiesse facial fillers.


The Results

Patients who have had Radiesse treatment will notice results immediately. However, the full results are typically visible after about a week. Treatments are not expected to be permanent though, so patients will often need subsequent treatments. For some people, results can last up to two years!

If you start to notice the appearance of wrinkles in the treated areas, contact our offices, and we can evaluate if you need an interim treatment. Maintaining your treatment regimen can help reduce the overall number of injections that you will need.



If you are considering any type of dermal filling procedure, contact our offices today. At Handal Plastic Surgery, we are well versed in the latest technologies for reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Call today to schedule your consultation and to see if you are a candidate for Radiesse!