The Sanctuary Surgery Center Introduces the Lap-Band™ to Boca Raton while encouraging its potential weight loss surgery patients to learn more about the Lap-Band by booking a FREE Lap-band TM workshop in Boca Raton by calling 561.912.9888.Handal Plastic Surgery in Boca Raton Florida is announcing its newest featured procedure – the Lap-Band™ weight loss system. This innovative and highly successful surgery is a quick and easy way in which overweight patients can experience steady weight loss by eating less and getting full more quickly. The Lap-Band™ works by decreasing the stomach’s size, ensuring less food can be processed at one time, and enabling the new patient to take in less fat and calories in one sitting. Patients are encouraged to eat until they are full, taking in much less than their pre-surgery meal amounts. By gently binding the area of the stomach that processes the food to the rest of the digestive system, the Lap-Band keeps the patient fuller for longer, and greatly reduces the patient’s appetite. In the weeks following the procedure, the patient is exposed to nutritious soft foods that kick start the weight loss and allow them to get used to their digestive changes. Once the surgery is over, the transformation begins with a sped metabolism and less food cravings. The Lap-Band in Boca Raton is one of the new offerings of the Sanctuary Surgery Center, and is the Southeast Florida Region’s premier facility for this type of procedure. To meet the needs of the patients, the Sanctuary Surgery Center in Boca Raton Florida has taken on some of the top Lap-Band ™ weight loss surgeons in the country. Handal Plastic Surgery makes it easy for its patients to qualify for the surgery, and even walk them through every step of the way. Once the professionals at Handal have deemed a new patient as a potential candidate for the Lap-Band, they do all of the work of contacting the insurance agency and working out the details. This removes much of the stress and complication from the weight loss surgery process.

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New weight loss surgery patients are encouraged to call or come into our Boca Raton offices at the Sanctuary Surgery Center to Schedule a consultation with one of our surgeons. Although many of the questions that a new patient might have will be answered in a private appointment, the Sanctuary Surgery Center encourages its potential weight loss surgery patients to learn more about the Lap-Band by booking a FREE seminar. Seminars for the Lap-Band in Boca Raton are held throughout the year in our elegant spacious facility. There all of the patients’ questions will be answered as they gain a deep knowledge of the procedure, find out if they are in fact a candidate for this type of surgery, and can make honest predictions of the effectiveness of the Lap-Band for their specific age, weight, and medical history.

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Southeast Florida is now home to the most successful weight loss surgery options available. Servicing the Miami, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Boca Raton regions, Handal Plastic Surgery at the Sanctuary Surgical Center is ready for new Lap-Band weight loss system patients. Home to some of the top aesthetic and weight loss surgery professionals in the country, Dr. Arthur G. Handal and his staff provide a safe and comfortable experience. Sanctuary Surgery Center’s board certified surgeons and technicians practice in a clean, elegant, federally inspected facility located in the heart of Boca Raton, Florida. 561.912.9888