patient under procedure

I always tell my patients “your breasts are just as unique to your body as your face”. Every woman is different and every breast is different. There is always some degree of asymmetry.

My goal and the desire of most of my patients is to accomplish what I call “the does she or doesn’t she look”. Quite often, the seriousness of breast surgery is minimized. It is not a simple operation. There are several factors that should be taken into consideration, such as shape of the breasts, projection, location of the areola, the fold and the diameter of the breast. In addition, the thickness of the skin and muscle are important factors in this surgery.

After hearing the patient’s desires, I will measure several parameters and recommend an implant which will attain her goals. Fortunately, there are several excellent implant companies that we use that provide us with an implant which will best be suited for each patient. Today, in addition to saline and cohesive gel or “gummie bear” implants, we also have shaped implants which are beneficial to certain patients.

The Surgery

After two meetings with me and my staff, the patient is fully informed of the procedure. Once in the operating room, after the breast is meticulously prepared for the implant, sizers are used to confirm the right look for the patient. Once the sizer is implanted, the operating room table is placed in the sitting position and the proper implant is confirmed. At this point the actual breast implant is placed into the breast using the “no touch technique”. This is done using a Keller Funnel, a device which allows the implantation of the implant without contamination by the skin and is gentle on the implant itself. The procedure usually takes 1 to 1.5 hours. There is usually no real pain, just a tight feeling of the chest. The next morning you will be checked at the office. If you have a desk job you may return to work in just a few days. After 10 days, a noticeable change will occur and your breasts will start taking their new shape. It can take up to 1 year for the final results.