When a patient is concerned about a sagging neck, there are different underlying causes of this problem. These issues may arise from excess fat, lax muscles, and/or lax skin. Dr. Handal will assess the problem and address it with the least invasive procedure which will obtain the best, most natural looking and longest lasting results.                                                                           

Your Individual Goals

Your goals will be discussed realistically with Boca Raton plastic surgeon Dr. Handal. Together you will decide which procedures Dr. Handal will perform to achieve your desired results. You will then set a date for surgery and be given instructions about how to prepare.

Neck Lift Procedure Details

Boca Raton plastic surgeon Dr. Handal will perform one of two neck lift procedures to improve your neck's appearance. Cervicoplasty is a procedure that removes your excess skin. Platysmaplasty is a procedure removes or alters your neck muscles. Dr. Handal may also perform liposuction to remove any excess fat from your neck area.