For all those patients who have lost facial volume over the years (which is part of the natural aging process) or who have sustained theravages of sun damage, the Handal Laser Volume Lift is an excellent procedure to restore youthful volume and texture to the skin. This also holds true for patients who have had face lifts in the past and have experienced recurrent laxity in their skin. Since skin laxity itself does not warrant a whole new face lift, the Handle Laser Volume Lift could be for you.

The theory behind this volume lift is using your own fat (autologous fat). Using your own fat not only allows Dr. Handal to use unlimited amounts necessary to achieve your goals, but also has some unique properties. The beauty of your own fat is that there will be some re-absorption of the initial injection; in addition, you will retain some of this fat for long-term-to-permanent results. The other advantage to using this fat is that it has stem cells which, over the post-operative year, will show improvements in your skin.

Dr. Handal understands the fear that patients may have of facial distortion from injecting an over-abundance of fat. He does not employ this method in his techniques. The initial swelling will Not look disturbing, and after three weeks, the settling-in will be at a very attractive stage. Dr. Handal feels that it is easier to re-inject some fat at a later date (if necessary/in rare occasions) under local anesthesia. This is a much better technique than over-correcting with an abundance of fat that can over-distort the face. This same technique also applies to the rejuvenation of hands which allows the patient to have youthful-looking hands to match their newly rejuvenated face.

Lastly, one of the most important things about the Handal Laser Volume Lift is that using your own autologous fat can save you thousands of dollars. The use of injectables in large volumes is not only very costly, but also not medically advisable.

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