Facelift Philosophy

Dr. Handal is extremely adamant that a facelift looks natural! He believes that a facelift is not only a rejuvenation procedure, but a restorative procedure. A facial rejuvenation procedure must be tailored to each patient to specifically address each problem. There are different facelift procedures, which can also be performed with minimal incisions. There a four problems which must be approached to correct facial aging, and the degrees of these problems vary with each patient.



Sagging muscles

Muscle lift and tightening

Sagging and loose skin

Skin lifting and tightening Minimal incisions

Loss of youthful "fullness" of face

Fat grafting or fillers

Sun damaged skin

Laser resurfacing using the Latest technology -DOT Fractional Laser

The problems and solutions listed above can be customized for each patient -who may need only a minor procedure or a full-fledged rejuvenation. Minimal Incision Facelift Depending on the patient's problems, the face can be rejuvenated with small and hidden incisions. These procedures are often combined with fat grafting and laser tightening and resurfacing.

Fat Grafting

Fat transplantation, or fat grafting, is one of the most valuable techniques available to plastic surgeons today. Using one's own fat cells, Dr. Handal will transfer them from an area of excess to where it is missing. Before the fat is reinjected, there is a process in which it is filtered and cleansed undamaged. There is then a precise technique of reinjecting to restore and fill areas of the face, hands and body. When combined with facial rejuvenation surgery. Fat grafting to the face can restore the youthful fullness of the face. This is the best and most natural filler, which also has not only long term, but possibly permanent results.

Boca Raton Facelift Plastic Surgery

Everyday, the stresses of life as well as the effects of age, gravity, and exposure to sunlight take a toll on your face. Boca Raton plastic surgeon Dr. Handal understands that these unwelcome changes can harm your confidence. Facelift plastic surgery can alleviate many of these symptoms. Dr. Handal's facelift patients report increased confidence and a lasting appreciation for their rejuvenated appearance.

Desired Results of Facelift Plastic Surgery

A facelift can help restore youth and vibrancy to your face. Natural-looking results virtually undo the unwanted effects of time. Boca Raton plastic surgeon Dr. Handal accomplishes these effects by removing fat deposits as well as tightening the skin and underlying muscles of your face.


Your Individual Goals

Each facelift is an individualized procedure. Your goals will be discussed realistically with Boca Raton plastic surgeon Dr. Handal. Facelifts are often performed in conjunction with other facial surgeries. Together you will decide which procedures Dr. Handal will perform in order to achieve your desired results, and you will set a date for surgery and be given instructions about how to prepare.


Facelift Procedure Details

The length of facelift plastic surgery depends upon which procedures Boca Raton plastic surgeon Dr. Handal is performing. Because each person's face is different, each facelift requires a customized approach. Dr. Handal will determine the unique details of your procedure, such as where to place incisions to minimize their visibility. Boca Raton plastic surgeon Dr. Handal will tighten your muscle and skin tissues as well as remove any excess skin. All procedures are performed with anesthesia to minimize your discomfort or pain.