Cosmetic surgery tends to be something that is primarily associated with people of Caucasian descent, but the number of ethnic patients going under the knife in order to alter aspects of their appearance has risen dramatically during the last decade and is estimated to continue on an upward trajectory for the foreseeable future.

One of the main reasons that numbers of ethnic patients was initially fairly low was due to concerns about the skill of surgeons to perform procedures that enabled patients to achieve their motivations and goals, but without compromising their ethnic identity. These goals are typically the same as any other patient – more symmetrical features, a reduction in the signs of aging and an overall improved appearance.

At Handal Plastic Surgery, we understand that maintaining your ethnic identity is extremely important to you. Whilst cosmetic surgery can change and enhance your appearance when you choose a skilled and experienced surgeon, you can rest assured that this can be done without losing facial features that exhibit your racial character.


Ethnic Rhinoplasty

The nose tends to be one of the key facial features that is affected by ethnicity. This is because the size, shape and overall appearance of our nose is predominantly determined by our genetics. Ethnic rhinoplasty is the term usually given to patients who are non-Caucasian who undergo cosmetic surgery to alter the appearance of their nose.


Rhinoplasty is already considered to be one of the most cosmetically-complex elective surgeries available. This is because noses are so unique and changing their appearance can drastically alter a patient’s appearance. Since the goal of rhinoplasty is to enhance whilst achieving a completely natural result, getting it right is essential. For example, an Afro-Caribbean patient may wish to reduce the size of their nose without making such significant changes that it becomes Caucasian in appearance.


No two noses are the same, and every ethnicity, ranging from Asian, Middle-Easter, Afro-Caribbean and even Mediterranean noses have a set of definitive characteristics that give them their ethnic identity, and so each presents a unique set of challenges for your cosmetic surgeon. This also means that each ethnicity requires understanding of different techniques and artistry in order to obtain the best results.


Dr. Handal has extensive experience in ethnic rhinoplasty and can utilize this to help ensure that your new nose achieves your cosmetic goals without compromising your ethnic appearance. To find out more, please contact our offices where our team will be delighted to schedule your confidential consultation.