Everyone has a different reason for improvements upon their body.

Whether you have had issues with your proportions since you were a pre-teen, or if you simply had children and would like to restore your pre-child physique, breast implants in Boca Raton are a great way to boost your self confidence, or replenish your once full and perky breasts. The decisions to move forward with a breast augmentation must be made by the patient itself, but our group of highly specialized top cosmetic surgeons is here to take the journey with you.

From the first consultation to the day of your surgery, our board certified surgeons will answer all of your questions and make you aware of all of your options for breast implants in Boca Raton. Your VIP treatment starts with your consult, as our professional staff takes into consideration your ideal outcome. You can browse our gallery of before and after pictures, feel the actual implants that are used, and speak with the surgeon to understand exactly how they will sit on your size and frame.

The Sanctuary Surgery Center in Boca Raton Florida is the leading Southeast Florida facility for specialized plastic surgery and weight loss surgery needs. We have operated in this region for over 20 years and have received ZERO negative patient feedback. For this reason, your satisfaction with our services is predetermined by those whom have gone before you. Check out our testimonials section to read personal stories of some of our past patients.

For top quality breast implants in Boca Raton, Handal Plastic Surgery at the Sanctuary Surgery Center is the ideal selection. You will enjoy extended treatment and services in our luxurious serene location. Our staff of surgeons and technicians will accommodate your every need – whether you are just coming by to find out more about our offerings, or if you are checking in for breast implants in Boca Raton. Our years of unmatchable service speak for the level of commitment that we hold toward our patient base.