A flat, lean and sculpted abdomen is desirable by both men and women. Most often, after pregnancy or massive weight fluctuations, the abdominal skin and muscles are stretched to the point where diet and exercise almost correct it. At this point, Dr. Handal will address your particular issues, and then customize a procedure to correct your problem. Over the years, his experience with “mommy makeovers” and weight loss patients, have enabled him to refine this procedure to give a beautiful and natural result. Dr. Handal performs all abdominoplasty procedures with his “G-string incision” to give the most concealed incisions, which in time will most often heal with a barely perceptible pencil-thin line. Dr. Handal will often tell his female patients “If you don’t want to wear a bikini after your surgery, then don’t bother having it”.

Listed below is a quick overview of the types of tummy-tucks Dr. Handal performs.

MINI-ABDOMINOPLASTY: The true mini-abdominoplasty procedure is performed typically in a patient who has excellent muscle tone, with only minimal skin laxity of the lower abdomen. The incision involved with this procedure is about the size of a c-section incision. Quite often, a mini-abdominoplasty is performed with liposculpture.

MODIFIED ABDOMINOPLASTY: There are some patients who have enough skin and muscle laxity which is too much for a mini-abdominoplasty, but yet too little for a full abdominoplasty. Dr. Handal sees so many patients with these particular problems, that he has refined his “modified abdominoplasty”. With these particular patients, he combines liposculpture, a special technique of muscle tightening and removal of skin; all through a “G-string incision” without touching the belly button.

FULL ABDOMINOPLASTY: When the muscles and/or skin are excessively lax, Dr. Handal will perform a full abdominoplasty, in which the abdominal muscles are tightened, giving the patient a flat abdomen and a narrowed waist. The excess skin is removed, the pubic area and upper thighs are lifted, and a natural appearing belly button is created, often looking better than the original. This is an extremely satisfying procedure to the patient, as well as to Dr. Handal, who enjoys seeing dramatic results.