One of the most popular cosmetic procedures today is a Brazilian butt lift (BBL). A BBL procedure is a great way to get a curvy body. But before you sign up for the procedure, it is a good idea to know what to expect from BBL.

Brazilian Butt Lift 

A BBL procedure involves the removal of fat from other parts of the body and transferring it to the backside. The surgeon removes fat from other parts of the body using liposuction. The isolated fat is injected into the butt tissues to enhance their size and shape. 

After fat grafting, over 30 percent of the fat will be re-absorbed into the bloodstream. This means that the surgeon will need to go a bit bigger to give you your desired size. You should know the actual size of your natural-looking butt in about six weeks. 

Post Procedure Swelling

It is necessary to know that your backside will look bigger than you expect soon after the surgery. The reason for this is post-surgery swelling. Most patients are alarmed when they look at their backside right after the BBL. 

The good news is that the swelling will go down after a while. You will receive recovery instructions to help with the swelling and ensure comfort during recovery. Wearing a compression garment is a vital part of BBL recovery.

BBL Recovery Process 

You need to realize that recovery from BBL is different for everyone. Every patient responds differently, and there is no set timeline for recovering. Post-operative care instructions are unique for each patient depending on factors such as the complexity of the procedure. 

How well the skin is contracting and how long you wear the compression belt will determine how soon you recover. Sleep on your stomach during the recovery period. 

Watch Your Sitting Position

You will need to be careful how you sit after the BBL procedure. Being unable to sit comes as a surprise, considering how much time people spend sitting. But any pressure on the butt area can affect the fat transfer, causing survival of less fat. 

Avoid sitting for several days to one week after the procedure. After the first week, you will use a butt pillow for at least six weeks. The special pillow will allow you to sit without putting pressure on the butt. 

Discomfort and Bruising 

You should expect bruising and minor discomfort after the BBL procedure. The bruising on the butt and the areas where fat was removed should begin to fade within a week or two. You might feel sore, but the pain is minimal, and the discomfort will subside quickly. You will receive oral medication, and you must use the medication as directed.

When planning to get BBL, you need to know that you will have to take a break from your regular exercise. Avoid losing weight while the donor fat cells are trying to establish themselves. 

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