Brazilian Butt Lift

To have an attractive and imposing body, the size and shape of your buttocks are critical. A Brazilian butt lift is a cosmetic procedure designed to enhance your backside area. It involves the transfer of fat to the buttocks to improve their fullness. Excess fat is drawn from the abdomen, hips, thighs, and lower back through liposuction. The fat is then injected into your buttocks strategically. Exercising to grow your gluteal muscles may be slow and take a lot of effort to achieve significant results. A Brazilian butt lift with a reputable provider will give you permanent results fast.


The Procedure


The Brazilian butt lift takes three necessary steps. The cosmetic surgeon draws the excess fat from specific areas in a process called liposuction. After extraction, the fat is then purified in preparation for the transfer. The doctor injects the selected fat into specific points of the buttocks.


The cosmetic surgeon performs this outpatient procedure after putting you on general anesthesia. They may also put you under local anesthesia or intravenous sedation if needed.


Typically, not all the injected fat takes in the location it is injected. Cosmetic surgeons understand this, and many of them tend to inject more fat than needed. That way, even if some of the fat deposits are broken down and excreted, a fair amount will remain. As such, the final product will be close to the goal, if not your intended goal.


Recovery from the Brazilian Butt Lift


After the operation, you need special care to recover well. You may be in some pain, but you can control it easily with pain relievers. Since the surgery is on your sitting area, you may not be able to sit or lie on your back for the first 14 days. In the meantime, lie on your side or your stomach. Instead of sitting, opt to stand, except for when you use the toilet.


After 14 days, the surgeon advises you on how to sit correctly. For this, you need to support your thighs with a pillow or have a donut seat to reduce pressure on the buttocks. But, in only a short time, about eight weeks, you can resume your normal sitting position.


If you follow the doctor’s instructions and the healing process as expected, the doctor may clear you to resume work in 10-14 days.


Your Life After the Brazilian Butt Lift


The outcome of the procedure lasts many years. Once fat cells are drawn through liposuction, they do not return to the areas the doctor drew them. Any fat cells the body does not eliminate goes to your buttocks. As such, the results of the procedure are sustained and continue to improve with time. But, if your weight fluctuates, your results could be affected. So, to keep looking your best, maintain a stable weight.


The Brazilian Butt Lift results may be visible immediately. The final results are what you see six months post-surgery. By this time, all the swelling may have gone down, and you may have healed completely.


In the hands of a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon, getting a Brazilian Butt Lift produces satisfactory results. The risks are less, and the benefits are many and last longing.

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