Skin Treatments

Have you ever wanted to improve your overall complexion, skin tone, or pigmentation issues? Maybe you have looked at your vascular problems and wanted to make a change. Lumecca Intense Pulse Light therapy is the way to make that happen. Known as Lumecca IPL, you can treat a variety of blemishes on your skin.


What Is Lumecca IPL?

Lumecca is used for various skin issues. Not only can it improve your skin tone and darker skin spots, but it can also improve the way your skin looks overall. There are several different available options for IPL therapy, but Lumecca is designed to be more effective in rejuvenating your skin.

You do not have to go through an excessive number of treatments using Lumecca. Most patients will feel and see a difference in just a few treatments. Therapy also does not take much time due to the higher light pulse rate than other existing IPL therapies.

If you suffer from vascular lesions like port wine stains, rosacea, or angiomas, Lumecca can also reduce its appearance with treatment. You can effectively treat these in just a few sessions too. Even better, there is not any recovery time after your treatment. All you need to do is limit your sun exposure and wear quality sunscreen, but that should be a standard part of skincare anyway.


How Does Lumecca Work?

While you are undergoing treatment, you will see a bright light flashing, and you will feel a light stretching sensation on your skin. Some have even said it feels like a minor sunburn where your skin feels tight and slightly warm. It is an average side effect, but it has typically gone in just a few hours.

After treatment, it is not unusual to see a slight change in pigmentation where some spots get a little darker, but that discoloration does not last. In fact, those spots will disappear over the next several weeks, and you will have fresh, even skin to admire.


What Areas Can Be Treated by Lumecca?

Every part of your body can be treated with Lumecca. Most commonly, though, it gets used on areas that typically see the sun, like your neck, face, legs, arms, and hands. Just remember, before you receive treatment, you will need to avoid direct sun exposure to include tanning for at least one month. Check with your dermatologist to see what he or she recommends just to be sure.


What About Vascular Issues?

You may require additional sessions depending on the severity of your vascular issues. If you want to reduce the skin blemishes, Lumecca can do that, but it can take a little more time. IPL can help spider veins and the redness caused by rosacea, among other issues, but your best bet is to discuss your goals with your dermatologist as each case can be different.

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