Facial Fillers

A facial filler is a cosmetic treatment administered via injections to your face to reduce wrinkles. You will receive an injection of a soft tissue filler at different depths on your face to help fill in thinned skin or wrinkles. Wrinkles increase as you grow older and will mostly appear around your mouth, lips, and cheeks. The facial filler treatments are not permanent. Different treatments take diverse times to work, and last various lengths of time.


How to Know When to Start

There are some telltale signs to watch for if you are thinking about having facial fillers. This needs you to spend a lot of time in front of your mirror to realize the changes happening to your face. Look at your cheekbones from various angles for a start. If your once puffy cheekbones seem to be deflating, then your time is nigh. The other feature that changes with age is the nasolabial folds or marionette lines. As you age, deep lines may begin to appear next to your mouth area. These are the nasolabial folds. These areas may add a lot to your aging aesthetics.

If you are pregnant, do not go through with facial filling. It is also not recommended if you are in questionable general physical or psychological health.


Are You at the Ideal Age?

The ideal age to seek facial fillers generally depends on how you feel about the state of your aesthetic facial features. Most doctors recommend that you should be at least over forty years of age before considering cosmetic treatment. The facial signs of aging appear at different ages for everyone.

If you see the facial signs of aging while in your twenties or earlier, weigh other options before you decide on facial fillers. Signs of nasolabial folds or deflating cheekbones may be in their beginning stage at this age. The creases you see after pulling on some expressions of your face may dissipate when you rest. This is because lines that are appearing are not permanently formed yet. Use preventive treatments if you are at this age. Protect your skin from the extreme effects of the weather using lotions and other skincare products. However, if you want to eliminate the facial aging without the skincare products, start on facial fillers.

Most people may start to have wrinkles from ages 30 and above. Expression lines that appear around your brow, eyes, and mouth are of major concern. Facial fillers will help you get rid of the brow lines or the problem area like your cheekbones. If you are 50 years of age and above, you may be experiencing deeper expression lines and reduced skin elasticity. This makes your skin look older and less healthy due to age. Different types of facial fillers can help to improve your skin at this age. There are facial fillers to help with your brow lines, lost volume in the jaw, cheeks, and other areas of the body. Face fillers have no upper age limit, so you can use them for as long as possible.

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