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Arthur G. Handal Plastic Surgery Dr Boca Florida

Dr Arthur G. Handal

Plastic Surgery runs deep in the veins of Arthur G. Handal, MD, FACS, who is currently into his 20th year of private practice in Boca Raton, Florida. His passion for plastic surgery came to him at the early age of seven.

I remember when I was a child, my father, who was general a surgical resident at the time, would occasionally take me to the hospital when he was on call. I was exposed to the medical environment at an early age and loved it. One day, my father told me about a Rhinoplasty (nose) procedure he had assisted with as a surgical resident. I was hooked. Starting then, I tried to read my father’s journals to learn as much as I could about plastic surgery procedures. Throughout my school years I was very fortunate to know that there was no doubt about what career I wanted to pursue. A medical career was never enforced, but encouraged by my parents. I and my two brothers have pursued different specialties – Edgar Handal, MD, is an outstanding orthopedic surgeon and Richard Handal, MD, a compassionate and skilled OB/GYN.

Plastic & Reconstructive surgery has always been fascinating to me since I first saw the life-changing results that could benefit a patient whose appearance and function had been affected by trauma, cancer, or congenital defect. During my career, I have performed thousands of reconstructive as well as cosmetic surgical procedures.

In 1999, in order to realize my dream of performing plastic surgery procedures in the safest and most comfortable environment, I established a licensed facility at 5503 N. Federal Hwy, Boca Raton, Florida and named it Sanctuary Surgical Centre. It is here where over the past years I have developed a team and staff who assist me in accomplishing critical surgical results for our patients.

First and foremost, the responsibility and trust given to me by my patients is something my team and I do not take lightly. The process starts in the consultation room where the patient and I develop a working and trustful relationship in which we discuss the desire for surgery and how realistic the patient’s expectations are. Once a surgery is scheduled, we make sure that the patient is properly prepared to achieve a safe outcome.

Safety is a priority and no surgery will be performed unless a patient is optimized for a procedure. At Handal Plastic Surgery, we fully understand the anxiety and emotions patients undergo before and after surgery. My staff and I are always available and in communication with the patient. No question will be left unanswered.

Once in the operating room, it has always been my belief and commitment to never cease a procedure unless I have felt I have accomplished the best possible operation for my patient.

The biggest reward for me and my staff comes in the post–operative period when we unveil the results of the surgery. The joy one derives from seeing a patient’s new nose, or a rejuvenating facelift, is immense!

Reconstructing a breast after a breast augmentation gone wrong is also an extremely satisfying operation. I would say that approximately 30% of my practice is revisional surgery. We have a national and international base of patients who want to finally have resolution of procedures that did not yield the desired results.

Through experienced surgical artistry and medical engineering, Dr. Arthur Handal of Handal Plastic Surgery provides his patients fantastic, extremely natural initial results, as well as corrects and restores physical features from previous surgeries.

See Interivews with Dr. Handal

See Interivews with Dr. Handal