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How the Lap-Band System Works Unique Procedure for Lasting Weight Loss Lap-Band’s innovative technology uses an adjustable gastric banding system to decrease the amount of food that your stomach can take in. This safe and effective procedure helps you steadily lose the weight and keep it off. With Lap-Band you can achieve a healthy lifestyle and progressively change the way you look and feel.

What is it?

Unique to all other stomach reduction surgeries, the Lap-Band is the only trademark original FDA approved banding procedure. This stomach banding system is made by Allergan Inc. and must be requested by name. Before beginning your weight loss surgery consultation, make sure to specify the Lap-Band System by its name. Learn more about this System in a Hands-on Environment
Reading about the Lap-Band online might not be enough to answer all of your questions. If you are interested in the Lap-Band in Boca Raton, Florida, our board certified surgeons at the Sanctuary Surgery Center are here to educate our perspective patients and present answers to your questions. Call 561-912-9888 today to schedule your FREE Lapband Seminar.

Lap-Band System Overview

The Lap-Band System works by reducing your stomach’s size, decreasing the amount of food that you are able to hold at a given time. This procedure restricts your stomach’s capacity so not only feel full for longer, but you begin to eat less and feel full faster.

Benefits of the new LAP-BAND AP® System:

  • Created for Advanced Performance, this device is the newest and most effective stomach banding procedure approved by the FDA.
  • The third generation Lap-Band AP was designed alongside leading bariatric surgeons, building upon the Lap-Band’s known success.
  • Introduces the proprietary OMNIFORM® technology, featuring pre-curved pillow segments that better contour your body, minimizing leaks that tend to occur around the creases and folds of the stomach lining. Now enjoy a perfect fit with even pressure and secure placement of the device as this new design ensures complete coverage of the stomach. The 360° inflation area allows maximum comfort, even when the stomach area is full.
  • More options for comfort with two sizes and many types of adjustments to cater to your specific anatomical needs.
  • Available in two adjustable sizes to allow your surgeon to choose the best option for you.

An Increased Standard in Weight Loss Technology

The Lap-Band system is the only one that offers the LAP-BAND TOTAL CARE® program. This program is a comprehensive set of tools, support, and resources that provides training to your healthcare professionals. For you, the patient, this means that your Lap-Band System Bariatric team has total access the LAP-BAND TOTAL CARE® tool set so they can give you outstanding care and increased support. The Sanctuary Surgery Center offers a FREE Lap-Band seminar, hosted by a board certified Lap-Band surgeon in Boca Raton, Florida. Handal Plastic Surgery at the Sanctuary Surgery Center is an elegant and prestigious aesthetic surgery facility that is dedicated to the health and confidence of its patients. Call 561-912-9888 to discuss your weight loss options, or to book a free Lap-Band Seminar.

Know the facts, and then take the steps toward changing your life through the Lap-Band surgical weight loss system.

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LAP-BAND® System Advantages in Boca Raton